Global Tax and Wealth Expert Tom Wheelwright Launches WealthAbility with Tax-Free Wealth Network™ of CPAs

CPA, CEO and Tax-Free Wealth Author Tom Wheelwright launches a new wealth strategy and education company, WealthAbility to provide entrepreneurs with “Way More Money, Way Less Taxes, and Financial Freedom.”

Tempe, AZ – February 12, 2018 –  Global Tax and Wealth Expert, CPA, CEO and Tax-Free Wealth Author Tom Wheelwright announces the launch of his newest company, “WealthAbility”, along with a trusted certified network of Tax-Free Wealth CPAs. WealthAbility’s mission is to provide successful small business owners and investors with “Way More Money, Way Less Taxes and Financial Freedom Faster.” Wheelwright expands:

“We are not financial advisors. Instead, we are a wealth strategy and education company dedicated to the belief that you are fully capable of navigating your own financial future. In fact, we adamantly oppose the idea that business owners or investors need Wall Street, a CFP or anyone else to take their money and manage it for them.”

And the volatility of the stock market this past week highlights the need for a new way to invest without worrying about the fluctuations of the markets.

Way More Money – WealthAbility is a platform to help people learn and apply Wheelwright’s revolutionary philosophy of wealth-building, in which business owners and investors take control over their financial future by permanently lowering taxes and achieving their financial dreams.

Way Less Taxes – Based on over 20 years of experience leading CPA teams, Wheelwright has developed a formula for clients to reduce taxes by an average of 10-40% and “achieve their financial dreams 18 years faster than the average person.”

Financial Freedom – Instead of living someone else’s dream, WealthAbility focuses on helping entrepreneurs gain financial freedom “by putting money back in your pockets.” Wheelwright emphasizes:

“We believe you are the best person to control your money, and that taking control of your investing is the best way for you to build massive wealth so you can live the life you desire most.”

Global Tax-Free Wealth Network™ of CPAs – Initially, the company will provide tax and wealth strategies for people wanting to apply the Tax-Free Wealth concepts to their life and business to reach financial freedom. It will do that through a new, global network of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) called the “Tax-Free Wealth Network™.”

“These professionals are not only among the few CPAs to view taxes and the tax law in the right way,” said Wheelwright, “but they also intimately understand the concepts of Tax-Free Wealth and the WealthAbility process for achieving massive financial results. They have undergone extensive training by me and my team. They are, in my opinion, the best qualified CPAs to help build wealth.”

In the future, WealthAbility will release a suite of tax-reducing and wealth-building “tools,” which will include software and educational courses. Upon release, these tools will be available at

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