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Attention CPAs…I want to send you clients!

Become a Certified WealthAbility™ Professional | Let’s Grow Your Accounting Firm

I have huge problem: I need more accountants… FAST.

See, because of my books and global speaking tours, my tax education company, WealthAbility™, gets 30-50x as many client requests as the average firm every month.

But we do not serve these clients directly. Instead, we match them with a member of my “WealthAbility™ Network”. 

The WealthAbility “Network” is a group of CPAs and accountants who are certified in the wealth and tax strategies I talk about in my bestselling book, Tax-Free Wealth.

Here’s where you come in…

Let Me Send You High-Caliber Accounting Clients…

First, let me be clear. We only send clients after you are certified.

Once you become certified, here’s how it works…

  1. We sell the client a service.
  2. We send them to you to fulfill that service (along with a check, paid in full, upfront).
  3. That client is yours to keep forever.

The system is working great…

Great accountants are building their businesses with the clients we send them.

And my team and I at WealthAbility can help even more people achieve tax-free wealth than we could alone. The problem is that I simply do not have enough CPAs to refer clients to.

Current members are overwhelmed by the amount of client I’m sending them.

And I need more CPAs…fast.

More Than Just Clients

There is MUCH more to the “Network” than just getting new clients. In fact, it’s not even what our current members love most. 

You’ll get access to…

  • SYSTEMS: Plug-and-Play Systems to Scale Your CPA Firm to Multi-Million-Dollar Heights
  • PROCESSES: Proven Procedures to Fully Automate Your Business
  • COACHING: Personalized Coaching and Training to Improve YOU the Entrepreneur
  • EVENTS: Exclusive access to events, masterminds, workshops, and conferences
  • SUPPORT: Incredible Hands-On Support from the WealthAbility™ Team

Interested? Apply Now! 

We’ll schedule a quick, no-obligation call to see if the WealthAbility™ Network is right for you.