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Don't Let Taxes Keep You Poor!

Tired of taxes?


Sick of leaving money on the table? Do you cringe when your tax bill comes due?


I don’t. My clients don’t. And the 750+ alumni of Tax-Free Formula don’t.


In fact, we’ve turned the tax law into our wealth-building secret weapon!


See…most people pay way too much in taxes and NEVER reach their financial dream. Sure, they work hard. They make good money. And they even save and invest a lot.


But it’s not enough…


They don’t know that the tax law is a series of incentives designed to make you rich. And they don’t know HOW to use it.


The result? They’re taxed at the highest rates, they waste cash, and they stay way poorer than they should be!


It drives me crazy to see smart people throwing thousands, tens of thousands, yes even millions of dollars down the drain. All because they don’t know what I teach in the Tax-Free Formula.


Please…I’m begging you. Let me show you how to reduce your taxes by 10, 20, 30% and more FOREVER.


It’s shockingly simple. And it will change your life.

Over 750+ Tax-Free Formula members all over the globe! Millions of dollars in taxes saved!

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Life-Changing Tax Training That’s Easy, Understandable and Fun!

5 Simple Steps to Tax Savings

Over 100 new tax reduction techniques detailed and specific tax planning practices to implement into your personal tax saving strategy.

$3,994 Value

Module 1: Why the Government Wants You to Pay Less Tax

Uncover the truth about the tax law and how it can make you wealthy.

$597 Value

Module 2: Deductions: Make Almost Anything Deductible

Learn about the deductions your tax advisor is too lazy or afraid to tell you about.

$597 Value

Module 3: Conversion: Earn Better Income

Convert income taxed at a higher tax bracket to income taxed at a lower rate.

$597 Value

Module 4: Brackets: Shifting Tax Brackets

Discover how to lower your tax bracket by shifting income to people and entities.

$597 Value

Module 5: Elimination: Getting Rid of Taxes

How to use credits and non-taxable income to do away with taxes.

$597 Value

Module 6: Deferral: When All Else Fails – Postpone

Postpone your taxes to a later year and how to make it permanent.

$597 Value

Module 7: Permanent Tax Savings

How to design a tax strategy to create permanent tax savings.

$597 Value

That's $8,173 of value for just the course! KEEP READING!
Practical Tools to Help You Implement What You Learn & Make Your Money Back FAST!

Tax Strategy Tool with Guide

A step-by-step guide to turn your newfound knowledge into a tangible tax-reduction strategy – Get your team on the same page and have crystal clarity about how you will reduce taxes every day. Clients regularly pay Tom $75,000+ to do this for them and here he shows you exactly how to do it yourself.

$2,997 Value

40 Investment Niche Tax Strategies

Tax strategy diagrams for each niche – Done for your tax strategy diagrams illustrating exactly what you need to do to reduce taxes for any of 40 specific investment niches. We’ve done all the hard work for you!

$3,975 Value

40 Investments Niche Tax Deduction Maximizer (list of tax deductions for each niche).

Specific deductions available for any of 40 specific investment niches.

$997 Value

97 Tax Credits

Tons of tax credits you can use to eliminate taxes and create FREE income. For personal, business and investment – We’ve done all the research and found all the best tax credits. Use this list to get money back from the government (sometimes even when you didn’t pay any taxes!). Now THAT’S free money! (For use in the US, Canada, UK and Australia.)

$297 Value

50 Deferral Opportunities

If all else fails defer! Our team has put together 50 deferral opportunities that are proven! These time tested opportunities will allow you to postpone your taxes to a later year or for much much longer (even forever!)


$247 Value

103 personalized lessons from Tom Wheelwright (Cheat sheets for every lesson)

Cheat sheets for every lesson to simplify and reinforce your learning.

$4,997 Value

244 pages of Tom’s unique tax instruction

All of our lessons are transcripted and available to be downloaded and printed.

$497 Value

SPECIAL BONUS TOOL! $500 Deduction Boost

Personal Tax-Return Review by My Team! Let us uncover hidden savings and deductions you may be missing in your most recent tax return (so you don’t miss out next year!). Often, this 1 bonus pays for the entire course right away.

$497 Value

Anyone who wants to learn how to stop paying so much in taxes will greatly benefit from Tax-Free Formula. You'd be a fool not to learn this stuff
Christopher Toth

Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor

That brings the value to over $22,000 in resources! Now Let's Talk Bonuses!

We’re not done yet…

Use these exclusive resources to turn your knowledge into wealth faster.

Tom’s Personal stamp of Approval

After you’ve completed the course and created your tax-reduction plan, Tom Wheelwright will personally review it and provide his expert feedback.

$2,497 Value

7 Investments the Government Will Pay You to Make

$1,497 Value  

Secret Stimuli

NEW! Secret Stimuli - An Inside Look At The Latest Tax Reform

$1,497 Value

How to Get the Government to Pay for Your Ferrari

$1,297 Value  

Follow the Money: Oil, Money and Taxes Video with Tom Wheelwright & Robert Kiyosaki

$897 Value

5 Deductions Your Accountant is Lying About

$197 Value

That's an additional $7,882 of Bonuses! You're getting over $30,000 of valuable resources for only $997

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Massive Success from People Just Like You

Meet Julie – From Overworked and Overtaxed to Highly Profitable Business Owner
Julie was working 20 hour days as a solo attorney, and it made her sick to learn how hard she worked just to pay taxes. Using these principles, she saved her business, created passive income through smart investments and took control of her future!

Meet Su – Proving This Formula Works No Matter Where You Live!
Su moved to Australia when the Chinese economy took a dive. She had little to zero understanding of how to leverage taxes to create more freedom, happiness, and peace of mind. After applying the Tax-Free Formula, she brings in more money today than she did in an entire year.

Meet Dave – Slashed His Taxes by $367,000 PER YEAR
Dave is proof that when you learn the patterns behind the tax law, it can change your life. This real estate investor went from $370,000 in taxes to just $3,000 and went from 30 units to 2,300 units. The formula works.

Daniel (Brazil) – Retired His Parents at Age 19
“I just retired my parents thanks to Tom. We're really grateful for you 🙂 We were really poor and we lived in an environment we didn't like but now that I've my own business and I'm also investing in real estate I'm already financially free. That's crazy! I'm also teaching my friends in Brazil what Tom has taught me and spreading the word out.

JP and Adrian – Reduced Income Taxes by $220,000 in 1 year
JP and Adrian are multi-family real estate investing masters. And they had their doubts. Could this 5-step formula really work for them? They gave it a shot. The results speak for themselves.

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Tom’s 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I’m committed to making this an absolute NO-BRAINER for you. If after 30 days, you’ve gone through the material and still can’t find a way to make your money back (which would be highly unusual – even W2 employees find new and exciting ways to make much more than their initial investment back easily) then we will stand by our word and give you a full refund. We just ask that you must show us you’ve completed the material and have taken steps to apply it to your situation. We know this material works. It changes lives. But, like anything else, you must commit to achieve the results you want. No one else can do that for you.

Commit to yourself. Commit to your future. And I’ll commit to you.

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