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WealthAbility Townhall American Rescue Plan

CPA Tom Wheelwright explains latest stimulus package

Tom Wheelwright, CPA and CEO of WealthAbility®, held a live virtual town hall event to discuss the opportunities available in the American Rescue Plan and answer viewer questions regarding the stimulus bill, new tax filing deadline and more.


The American Rescue Plan is one of the biggest government handouts in modern history, Wheelwright explained, and it is important for people to understand the benefits available to them as well as how those opportunities fit into their overall tax and wealth-building strategies.


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Income Tas

Democrats Have Control of Washington. What Does That Mean for Taxes?

Historically, Democrats are usually in favor of raising taxes, specifically for high-income earners. With President Biden now in office, the House of Representatives controlled by Democrats, and a split Senate, it’s no surprise that many entrepreneurs are wondering if Biden’s big plans for taxes will come to fruition. Here’s what tax changes are likely in store during the Biden presidency.

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Stimulus Bill

How Does The New Stimulus Bill Affect You?

Like the CARES Act, the newest stimulus bill has brought significant changes not only to entrepreneurs but individuals, too. While some relief is immediate, some updates last through 2022. As with any new tax opportunity, it’s crucial to examine each and determine how you can maximize them. Here’s how the new bill will affect you.

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Modern Monetary Theory

What is Modern Monetary Theory?


Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) has gained mainstream popularity in recent years with Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York sharing their support of the theory. In simple terms, MMT believes that countries that print their own currency can never run out of money (technically, a true statement). 
Published on Entrepreneur.com.
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