Live Tax-Planning Event for Private Practice CPAs


NOVEMBER 21-23, 2019





Make Your Clients (and Your Practice) Hyper Profitable with the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA)

Discover How to Apply the Most Under-used and Misunderstood Provisions in the New Tax Law to Make Your Clients (and Yourself) a Lot of Money.

The TCJA offers tremendous potential for savvy tax planners.

Yet most CPAs are barely scratching the surface!

Most CPAs have watched a webinar or class that covers the basics of the new tax law on an academic level. Those trainings are a dime-a-dozen. And that is not what this event is. While those trainings focus on the WHAT, this event will focus on the HOW.

Unsure of how to best apply the new provisions?

Curious to see how elite tax planners are using them in the real-world?

Eager to create massive wins for your clients?

Want to expand and enhance your tax-planning practice?

Ready to turn those wins into profit for your firm?

Who is this event for?

Private practice CPAs and tax planners who want to drastically improve their client’s results.

Key Takeaways

Discover proven planning tactics. Acquire practical planning skills.

1. How to correctly apply the most under-used and misunderstood provisions in the tax law
2. How to create huge client wins that most CPAs don’t realize they’re missing
3. How to command and collect higher fees your clients will be eager to pay

Have Your Clients Pay NO Tax with the TCJA

(Yes, We’re Serious. And No, It’s Not Just Basic Bonus Depreciation & QBI!)

Your Instructor:

Tom Wheelwright, CPA

International tax strategist, legislator, and educator

Tom Wheelwright, CPA is an international authority and sought-after expert in both tax legislation and tax planning. Other achievements of note include:
  • Manager in the National Tax Office of Ernst and Young – developed and implemented a nationwide educational program for E&Ys tax staff
  • Professor in the Masters of Tax Program at Arizona State University for over 15 years
  • Fortune 500 in-house tax advisor and tax lobbyist
  • In Washington during the 1986 Tax Act – created educational courses on the new legislation
  • Author of new tax law in the State of Arizona
  • Wrote testimony given before National IRS on Interest Tracing Regulations
  • Collaborated with National IRS on 704(b) Regulations
  • Frequently contributor and source to The Tax Advisor, The General Partnership of Taxation, Taxation For Accountants, Taxation for Lawyers, and Tax Notes
  • Regular tax contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine, Accounting Today, Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, Marketplace, and many more…
  • Best-selling author of Tax-Free Wealth: How to Build Massive Wealth by Permanently Lowering Your Taxes
  • Founder of the tax and wealth education company, WealthAbility®
  • Founder of the WealthAbility® Network – a global network of elite tax professionals
  • Founder of multiple multi-million-dollar accounting and tax planning CPA firms
  • Owner and actively-practicing CPA at Wheelwright Manahan

Sessions and Topics

5 TCJA Strategies Almost No One is Capitalizing on

Topic #1: Qualified Business Income Deduction

Discover how to use the 20% pass-through deduction in ways that most CPAs are missing.

Topic #2: Section 1202 | Small Business Stock Gains Exclusion

Discover how and when to use Section 1202 to eliminate gain on the sale of a business (even if it’s an S Corporation). The small business stock gains exclusion applies to new stock, and so most people think it only applies to new businesses. But what if you could also create new stock with an existing business? What savings opportunities would open up for your clients?

Topic #3: Inventory Deduction

Did you know that small businesses can now deduct inventory when they buy it instead of when they sell it? This is one of the most technical and least understood new provisions. And the potential savings are huge when you understand and apply it correctly.

Topic #4: Bonus Depreciation

Did you know that land improvements on used real estate are subject to bonus depreciation? Unfortunately, many CPAs are not taking bonus depreciation in this and many other ideal scenarios because they simply don’t understand the law.

Topic #5: Business Interest Deduction Limitations

Businesses are limited on how much interest they can deduct. But there are ways to avoid that limitation. Discover how to avoid the business interest deduction limitations for your clients.

Topic #6: Planning for Profit

● Get your clients to happily pay for you to research the tax law on their behalf
● Use ALL of the new tax law to create huge tax savings for your clients (including the footnotes!)
● Understand the tax law on a deeper level than most of your competition
● Apply what you learn to differentiate yourself and your firm

Pricing & Registration


*CPE credit applies only to qualifying states

This event does not qualify for CPE credits in the following states: AR GU HI IA IL NY PA PR TX

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Can I come if I’m not a CPA or tax planner? No – this event is for private practice CPAs and tax planners only.

Where should I stay? There are several great lodging options right next to the event location. We will send more details on lodging after we receive your registration.

Is CPE Credit Provided? Yes. For CPAs from qualifying states, you will receive 20 hours CPE credit.

I have a question you didn’t answer. Can I talk with someone? Absolutely. Call 1-888-801-8944

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