Episode 33: How To Remove Fear From Your Life


Imagine overcoming fear of money, fear of relationships, fear of taxes. Mark Yuzuik joins Tom to discuss his work helping people overcome fear in all aspects of their lives. This is a program for anyone seeking more freedom in their day-to-day lives.


04:40 – Why Are People Afraid Of Money?

05:46 – Why Is Freedom About Meaning?

10:32 – What Is The Illusion Of Money?

14:33 – How Do You Create Meaning?

16:22 – What Are Three Steps You Can Take To Overcome Fear?

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Announcer: This is The WealthAbility™ Show with Tom Wheelwright. Way more money, way less taxes.Announcer: This is The WealthAbility™ Show with Tom Wheelwright. Way more money, way less taxes.

Tom Wheelwright: Welcome to The WealthAbility™ Show, where we're always discovering how to make way more money while paying way less taxes. Hi, this is Tom Wheelwright, your host founder and CEO of WealthAbility™. So what if you never had to be afraid of anything? You didn't have to be afraid of money. You didn't have to be afraid of making money. You didn't have to be afraid of losing money. You didn't have to be afraid of relationships. You could literally get fear out of your life. What would that be like? How would that free you up in order to take control of your life? So today I have a very special guest. I'm here in Romania with Mark Yuzuik. Did I say that right?

Mark Yuzuik: Yes, you did.

Tom Wheelwright: Mark Yuzuik. Mark and I become friends over the last two weeks as we traveled to London and Poland and Romania. He was in Poland with his people. Right? 

Mark Yuzuik: That's my peeps.Tom Wheelwright: That's your people. It's been really fun listening to Mark. I'm going let Mark give you a little bit of his background, and then we'll kind of go into what he does. So what we can do. Actually, what we can do in order to get all of this fear that's stuck in our minds out of there. So Mark, just give us a brief little background because it's a fascinating background. 

Mark Yuzuik: Okay. Well, for about 30 years I've been working with… I hate the word, use the word hypnosis because people create an identity to that word. But what I do is I get people to realize that they can make a change instantly. What would your life be like if you had no fear, you didn't procrastinate and you just went for it? How would it be different? How would your relationships be different? And if you think about the mind, Tom, the mind is nothing more than an illusion to begin with. You heard the saying what you believe to be true is true for you. Well, think of a movie. If you're creating a movie, and you're the director, you're the actor, you're the writer, and this movie is called the life. Then why wouldn't you write the movie the way you want it? Why do you constantly go back to our childhood and keep reliving that stuff? Things that we don't want to focus on. Staying in rooms we don't want to stay in our life of this entrapment. And we go, “Oh, it's too hard to make change.” It's so easy to make change. It's hard to hang on. But people are afraid to make change because they don't know what it's going to be like and what if they don't like it. So our brains go into survival mode and we stay stacked based on the fact that we survived certain situations and we already know how it's going to feel. 

Tom Wheelwright: So I mean we all have this, right? So we have things in our past and I've spent a lot of time the last 15 years with Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and they're all about personal development, right? So doing this personal development and everything. So we talk about hypnosis because one of my good friends, Andy Tanner does all this, right? And I said, if we're doing hypnosis, doesn't that take us out of reality? But what you're saying is actually puts us into a different reality?

Mark Yuzuik: Well, it's not hard. Here's the thing, is it hard to hypnotize somebody? He then goes, “I can't be hypnotized.” They're walking around in a state of hypnosis. Tom Wheelwright: We're all in trans.

Mark Yuzuik: Because looking at television programming, it's programmed you to believe a certain thing. From our childhood, hypnosis is nothing more than influence and persuasion. That's all it is. Somebody says something to you, you see, feel, hear, believe it to be true and react upon it. That's all it is. We're influenced every day of our lives.  You think about when we were kids, TV programs were different. Our biggest problem in 1958 in schools was gum chewing. Now what is it? It's just a totally different world. Now did the world change or what changed? And it's what change is, the events and the meaning we give it. People allow you to have this freedom and the expectation and there's no set of boundaries anymore. This is wild that's going all over the place. And it's like if we pull back the reins and we let people say, “You know what? What do we really want it in life?” We can control what we really want.

Tom Wheelwright: So you're actually speaking on this at a financial conference. 

Mark Yuzuik: Yes.

Tom Wheelwright: Right. So how do you relate this to money and our relationship with money and where we get stuck with money?

Mark Yuzuik: People are afraid of money. They're afraid of success. And what they're really afraid of, they're saying is the fear of what if I try it and I don't make it? What happens? Or I don't deserve it because you only going to get out of life, which you deserve. The limitations of people are not based on what they can achieve. It's based on what they feel they deserve. And what's really strange is society and your friends, so called friends, that you think are your coach has given you free advice, which that's what it's worth is free, are going to keep you down. Otherwise, they have to raise their standards and their expectations. So is it easier to say, “Hey, let's just chill and not really put an effort in and we're all hanging out and just be amongst the majority instead of the minority?” And that's what they do. So how do you change somebody's mindset about money? And the whole thing is give them reasons other than themselves to become successful.

Tom Wheelwright: So this is so interesting because I did a podcast earlier today with J.W. Wilson and John McGregor and J.Ws whole thing is about meaning. 

Mark Yuzuik: Yes, all of it is.

Tom Wheelwright: About meaning. But that's a lot of what you're talking about here is, meaning.

Mark Yuzuik: We were talking about that early. I don't know if you were with us. I was talking to J.W. and John earlier and I said, I remember I was on a cruise ship and I do a lot of different variations of events and seminars and this lady stood up and she goes, “You know what? I've been to a hypnotist and that stuff doesn't work. I went there to quit smoking 25 years ago, walked into there and I smoke more than I've ever smoked in my life, so hypnosis doesn't work.” I says, “Okay, so you're telling me that hypnosis didn't work or the hypnotist didn't know what he was doing?” And she says, “Nope, it didn't work.” I said, “Okay, do you want to be a nonsmoker?” So this is what I did. I'll show you the power of hypnosis without even putting anybody in a trans. That's where the talent is, that's what you want to get to, is you find out their story and their leverage point, leverage meaning what's going on and what do they mean? The reason why people still smoke or are broke or overweight isn't because they want to be, it's because what it means to them and they're only focused on what they're not getting.  Or if I quit smoking, what does that mean? “Oh, I'll gain weight. I'm comfortable.” So they have the meaning of it's pleasurable to them. So I says, “Well, do you like smoking?” She goes, “No, I don't want to.” “Then why don't you quit?” “I can't quit.” So I get the attitude and I says, “All right.” I said, “Do you have kids, grandkids?” “I've got grandkids.” I said, “Okay, good.” “I says, “Do your grandkids love you?” She goes, “Of course they do.” I said, “Do you love them?” I said, “Of course.” I said, “Have you ever tried to help but for them, for their reasons?” She goes, “Well, of course I have.” I said, “But you love them and you truly have tried.” I said, “Yes, I don't want my grandkids smoking.”  I said, “Well, you know that hypnosis is just influenced. So forget about the word hypnosis. Do you believe that you are going to be an influence in your grandchildren's life?” She goes, “Of course I am.” I said, “Good. They're going to grow up to be just like you and smoke because they love you that much. They're willing to risk who they are to connect with you.” I said, “But let me ask you a question before we go any farther.” I says, “I want to see if you really, really want to quit. Now you've tried for your grandkids.” She goes, “I've tried everything. That's what we believe, generalize. “I've tried everything.” Right? Okay.

Tom Wheelwright: We have all heard that. 

Mark Yuzuik: Heard that before, right? Everything but what works, right? so I says, “If I gave you a check for 10 grand to be a nonsmoker for 60 days, would you do it?” She goes, “Heck yeah, I'll do it.” I says, “Really? That's great.” I said, “You'd it for money, but you won't do for the love of your grandkids. That just tells me you don't love your grandkids that much.” And she stopped right there. What I did was I hit the central nervous system. What meant something to her. So she won't quit for herself, but she'll quit for somebody else. The reason she didn't quit for her grandkids before is because the meaning she gave is, “My grandkids are going to love me no matter what.” So what I did was I said, but if you force somebody and tell them, “You can't quit, you got to quit smoking all that.” When you force somebody, they force back. So you have to learn how to play the game. The mind game is how do you change the program in your mind to get a new program that's empowering, right? Here's a lady, really wants to quit and she can't do it. So what I said is, “You could forget about the 10 grand I said, from now on, you can only smoke inside in your house, in the bathroom.” She goes, “okay.” I says, “Every time you have a cigarette, you got a flush $100 bill down the toilet. She giggles, “Okay.” Hesitated. I said, “But most importantly I says, you have two grandkids you love.” She goes, “Yes, I do.” “How old are they?” She tells me how old, “What are the names?” I said, “Can you do me a favor?” I said, “Where's your cigarettes now?” She goes, “Right here.”  She pulls them out. I says, “Pull out a cigarette.” I says, “I want you to feel the cigarette but I want you to look at it and I want you to name that cigarette after your grandkids each one. And I want you to look at it and I want you to do me a favor. You could smoke as much as you want because I'm not going to tell you what to do, but this has to be your choice. Every time you light that cigarette, you have to bring your grandkids in there and you give this one to this grand kid and this one and you say, I want you to be just like me. And you light it and you giggle and you have fun because it's fun to smoke and you blow it in their faces. And you tell them I love you so much, we may die early, get cancer, but who cares? We're having fun.” And she just broke down from that moment on, she never smoked another cigarette and just because every time she felt that she touched that cigarette, it linked in her neurological part, the subconscious, the brain, the part that said cigarettes are pleasurable. Now what does it mean to her? The meaning changed.

Tom Wheelwright: Okay. So that is amazing. How do we translate that to money? 

Mark Yuzuik: What does it mean to be broke? What does it mean to procrastinate? “Oh, I don't have this.” And I hear this all the time. “Well, I want this for, I want this, I want this.” Wait a second. Why do you want it? What does the money mean to you? And what money means to them in their illusion and their mind is, “Money will get rid of stress. It makes me happy. People will accept me. I'll be able to travel. I'll have this significance about me.” So at that moment when somebody says, “I'm going to give you $1 million.” Boom, that instantly registers in their mind and then you ask them, “Does money make you happy?” They go, “No.” I've worked with a lot of successful entertainers, some that are not here anymore because they took their own life, very highly successful. Well, why didn't make them happy? They had everything that they thought would make them happen, but it didn't. So what can we do to make it difference, then I remember this. I said, you have a moral obligation. This is what I teach people. You have a moral obligation to be successful financially. Number one is, here's the deal. I says, I have a friend that taught me hypnosis, Terry Stokes, his daughter went over… Remember when they had the tsunami and all that in Haiti?

Tom Wheelwright: Right.

Mark Yuzuik: She went over there for three months to help build schools for the children. And one of she was teaching and to this day blows my mind. And every day at lunch what their job was is they hand out bags of food to the children. There's 35 kids in the class site. The problem was there's only 23 lunches. So you have to tell those children that you can't eat today, there'll be another day. It's one of the greatest weight loss programs you could do because all the teachers give their children their food. She signed up for three months. It was three years, she stayed over there. So imagine not feeding that children because you only focused on you and what you thought you were going to get? See, now you shift. Imagine going to a children's hospital and handing money to a family that doesn't have money because they had to take off of work. Imagine giving money. You know Tim McGraw?

Tom Wheelwright: Yeah of course.

Mark Yuzuik: I worked with Tim before. Okay. You know what he does after each concert? He donates a house to a veteran, a wounded veteran. You know why people don't know that? Because he doesn't do it for the publicity, he does it because he can. And he feels that as a human being, we have a right to do what we want with our money. But if we only focus on our self, what do we deserve? But if we focus on how we can contribute back to this world, abundance of money will come into our life. Because at that point, everything we have is based on what we feel we deserve. Right? So do we deserve this? Is this a right? Is this a reason now, a purpose now to become wealthy? Sure. So now why do we procrastinate? We don't have to because we have reasons why. And to get you to stop procrastinating, you create enough reasons why you want something, you'll stop.Tom Wheelwright: So how do you do that? How do you create those reasons why? I mean, how do you dig in there and go, “This is what I care about. This is what I want to do.” I mean, we were talking earlier, I care about taxes. I mean, I love taxes.

Mark Yuzuik: You're passionate about it.

Tom Wheelwright: Absolutely. Because it drives me crazy. The other people don't understand this stuff. I mean, I was the kid in school, I think you'll get this. So I was the kid in school that when I saw my friends struggling, I would ask their question for them to the teacher because they didn't feel comfortable asking the question. Even if I knew the answer, I wanted to make sure that the teacher answered their question. And so I would make sure that I literally raised my hand and say, “I have a question.” And I would ask the question that they were asking me, so that I make sure they got taken care of. And that's how I feel about taxes because I'm going, here the most complicated system in the world. People are scared to death of it. And to me it's a game and it's easy. It's simple because I figured it out, right? I figured it out. And so I'm driven by doing everything I can. I mean we delayed this podcast because I'm doing interview to young entrepreneurs of Romania, right. To talk to them about taxes.

Mark Yuzuik: Yeah.

Tom Wheelwright: Right. 

Mark Yuzuik: Which is supposed to be boring. 

Tom Wheelwright: Right. 

Mark Yuzuik: But why did you get it in taxes? Because you're driven to help people. You didn't do it for you. Why did you ask those questions for those kids because it wasn't about you. It was about serving. And the reason why you're passionate it because you took something that everybody kept losing at this game deal. Here's the formula, here's how we win. Here's the rules, let's just play by the rules. Let's do it right. Let's do it legal. I'm going to teach you how to win. You don't get excited because you get paid. You get excited because everybody else gets paid.

Tom Wheelwright: That's right.

Mark Yuzuik: That's what this is about. How do you stop somebody from procrastinating? You don't get excited about what you're getting. You get excited about what you're giving. But here, let's turn it around. What do you really get by doing that? The joy and the happiness that you get and the fulfillment from you giving is where the real value is. And people don't experience that in life because they're only focused on what they want people to judge them. Look at how big of a house, look at my car. And it's not about that. I mean, I told you, my house I live in is a very normal house because I went down that road. And here's the mistake they make when they first start out, what drives their behaviors is significance and variety. When you lose it, what drives your behavior is certainty and growth. And it feels different because then when you get it back, it feels different because you know why? It doesn't mean the same thing. It's not the emotion that's driving you? It's the purpose.

Tom Wheelwright: So if you could give our listeners three things they could do.

Mark Yuzuik: Yes.

Tom Wheelwright: In the WealthAbility™ Show it's always, we got very specific. I'm an accountant, so I like specifics, right? So can you do that? Can you give us three things that you could do to actually change those behaviors? 

Mark Yuzuik: Yeah. Number one is why do you want the behavior? Have enough reasons why. You have to understand that it's not about you. It will come around to where you'll get more satisfaction other than that piece of paper that says a dollar amount. Not that money won't come to you, but what it stands for, what it means to you. So here's what I tell people. You really want to be driven and you really want a purpose? Go find somebody or something that has less than you and appreciate that and realize how much they appreciate what they have. And you think you don't have a lot, go to a children's hospital or a cancer for that will drive you like nothing else. Because at that point you realize, what is this life about?

Tom Wheelwright: It's like when people go to India?

Mark Yuzuik: That's right. 

Tom Wheelwright: Right.

Mark Yuzuik: How many times have you been in third world country? We go back to our homes, whether it's United States or Canada or wherever. And we're like, they don't get it. They don't get-

Tom Wheelwright: It actually pains me to fly into the airport in the US because I've seen what's going on in these other countries and I'm going, there's so much here in the US and we're not paying attention to it.

Mark Yuzuik: They're focused on the negative things out there on the television programming that they're buying into so that they can be controlled and they can be a victim because that's what happens. And they want to surround themselves with people go, “Hey, it's easy to complain.” Look at all the programs on the reality TV programs. They're not positive. Tom Wheelwright: No, they're very negative. So, all right, so number one is-

Mark Yuzuik: Number one is find-

Tom Wheelwright: … We actually have to find that meaning-

Mark Yuzuik: … Your purpose, find the meaning.

Tom Wheelwright: Find the purpose, find the meaning. Okay.

Mark Yuzuik: Here's what people make mistake on. Here's why they procrastinate, Tom, is they focus on what they have to do. As soon as you focus on what you have to do, your brain goes, “I ain't doing all that work, work, work. I'm not doing that.” What if you're focused on what the results you wanted? And I know everybody listening has had something in life where they go, “You know when I wanted something, nothing was going to stop me. I was going for it.” They didn't know how to get it, but they had the reasons and your subconscious, the meaning, the neurological part clicks and it goes, I don't care how I'm going to get it. I'm getting it because we always change on what we have to do anyway. So if we have to change it, let's just create the reasons why we want it. Then once you create the reasons, boom, write it down. Write it down, write it down, write it down, write it down. Why? Because that's the first step to take it from a thought and an emotion to an action. And what it does is it triggers your mind and body to take the first action, and that's the first step that I teach people in hypnosis. Write it down why I already know this stuff. Then write it down if you already know it, because then it becomes visual. It's visual, auditory, kinesthetic, using all three communications and then do something immediately. I don't care how small it is, do something immediately to take the first action, whether it's a phone call, look up something, create something.  If you're looking up something on your computer, then print it out. Why print it out? Because it's visual again and now you're creating this journey along the way, and then enjoy the fricking journey. Enjoy it. Do you love taxes? No. You love what taxes give you. The joy of people, the joy of, I'll answer that question for you. You know what my favorite thing to do in the morning is? I don't drink coffee because I'm already wired. I get up earlier than my wife to go downstairs. You know how hard or this may coffee nowadays, remember we used to have to scoop it in there, put the bag, now it's push the button. I go down and I push the button and I just love it because I know when she wakes up, “Baby, there's your coffee.” It's as simple as that. Just appreciating other people for what they have and always be appreciative of what you have.

Tom Wheelwright: I think that's magic. I mean seriously, if I got these three things.

Mark Yuzuik: Yup.

Tom Wheelwright: Right? We've got to really get what our meaning is. We need to write it down.

Mark Yuzuik: Write it down. 

Tom Wheelwright: And then we just need to take it immediately back.

Mark Yuzuik: Immediately do something. 

Tom Wheelwright: Just immediately do something. 

Mark Yuzuik: Immediately. 

Tom Wheelwright: Like getting back on the horse. Right? So it's immediately doing something. So this is so interesting to me because when I do a three day course on tax and asset protection with my friend Garrett Sutton, and at the end of the course, the very last thing to do as I say, okay, so I want you to discuss what you learned the last three days. Now I want you to write down three things you're going to do-

Mark Yuzuik: Are you serious. 

Tom Wheelwright: … In the next two weeks to take advantage of what you did in the last three days, what you learned the last few days. I do that every single time. 

Mark Yuzuik: Yep. And if you didn't do it.Tom Wheelwright: So I got it right. I got it right. 

Mark Yuzuik: I did.

Tom Wheelwright: Yes. You're smart. Well Mark, so tell our listeners where they can find you.

Mark Yuzuik: My website is where I really help people in all areas of their life, whether they're stuck, people are always stuck and they're not stuck because they wanted to be. They truly are. We don't know how our mind works. We think if I have these desires or motivated, that's good enough, but there's triggers and there's subconscious things and whether it's health, communication skills, getting started, learning how to hypnotize. Whatever that is for you. Making more money. My whole website's got all the information on there.

Tom Wheelwright: And that website is?

Mark Yuzuik: successcombination.com 

Tom Wheelwright: successcombination.com. 

Mark Yuzuik: Yup.

Tom Wheelwright: Hey Mark, thank you so much.

Mark Yuzuik: And I'm getting ready to start my podcast, Get Your Mind Set. 

Tom Wheelwright: Awesome. 

Mark Yuzuik: Get Your Mind set. 

Tom Wheelwright: I'm so excited you're going to have a podcast. And just remember when we get our mind right, when we really get that meeting and then we write it down, we take action. What's always going to happen is we're going to make way more money and pay way less taxes.   

Announcer: You've been listening to The WealthAbility™ Show with Tom Wheelwright, way more money, way less taxes. To learn more, go to wealthability.com.