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Bestselling Author, CPA and CEO Tom Wheelwright announces the new release of Tax-Free Wealth 2nd Edition (August 2018) with updates based on the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. With less than four months left in 2018, this new book is being released just-in-time to help individuals and corporations maximize the benefits of the new tax plan legally before year-end.

Wheelwright emphasizes, “Tax-Free Wealth has been updated to educate small business owners, investors, contractors, CPAs and taxpayers on the Trump tax plan incentives.” During the last major tax reform in 1986 under President Ronald Reagan, Wheelwright worked for the National Tax Office at Ernst and Whinney (now Ernst and Young) in Washington D.C., and it took years to educate people on the changes.



Bestselling Author, CPA and CEO of WealthAbility Tom Wheelwright releases Tax-Free Wealth 2nd Edition (August 2018) with the Top 10 Benefits of the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. To help taxpayers save millions over their lifetime by legally reducing their taxes, this Rich Dad Advisors Series bestseller has been updated to educate small business owners, investors, contractors, real estate owners, and CPAs on the new Trump Tax Plan. https://www.wealthability.com/tfwamazon


Tax-Free Wealth 2nd Edition (with New Tax Law Updates) is now available on Amazon. https://www.wealthability.com/tfwamazon

In the new version of the bestselling book Tax-Free Wealth, Wheelwright outlines the Top 10 Benefits in the new tax law:

  1. New Corporate Tax Rates
  2. 20% Pass-Through Deduction Rules and Small Business Benefits
  3. Revised Real Estate Bonus Depreciation and Section 179 Deductions
  4. New Estate Tax Deduction Savings
  5. Deduction Increases for New Cars with a Home Office
  6. New Inventory Deduction Rules
  7. Alimony Deduction Changes
  8. How to Shift Income to Your Children Legally
  9. How Startups Can Reduce Capital Gains Tax
  10. How Charitable Contributions Can Result in State Income Tax Credits

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