Access to Tax Freedom Mini-Course and 5 Simple Steps to Eliminating Taxes


TEMPE, Ariz., Sep. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/

Tom Wheelwright, CPA and CEO of WealthAbility®, is sharing two free resources to slash your taxes and create tax-free wealth for a limited time. Now through September 30, taxpayers have access to download Wheelwright’s Tax Freedom Mini-Course and 5 Simple Steps to Eliminating Taxes at


“Now, more than ever, it’s important to put money back in your pocket, and reducing your taxes is the fastest way to do so,” Wheelwright said. “These resources will provide the first steps to following the roadmap the tax laws provide to lower your taxes legally.”


Wheelwright’s Tax Freedom Mini-Course including the following trainings:


  1. How the tax law can make you rich

With the right education and mindset, taxpayers will learn that tax laws are a series of incentives for business owners. It’s easy to take advantage of the opportunities when you understand how the laws can work in your favor. Incentives are something to be reviewed every year at tax time as eligibility for certain credits will change.


  1. The special people the tax law favors and how to become one of them

Under the tax law, there are producers and consumers, and one group receives more incentives than others — producers. The government favors producers like business owners, real estate investors and agriculture and energy producers and provides huge tax incentives because they create economic activity. While consumers typically owe 40% in taxes, producers can pay between 0 to 20% in taxes based on the activity. Creating a tax strategy is the first step in learning to become a person the tax law favors.


  1. Four ways the rich save on taxes

To put it simply, there are four ways the rich save on taxes: deductions, conversion, elimination and tax brackets. All of these steps work together to create a tax-free wealth strategy that can be achieved by anyone, not just the rich.


  1. How to reduce your taxes by 30% in the next 60 days

The most important step in the process is education. When taxpayers are educated, returns on investments and control over finances increase while the risk and taxes decrease. This simple pattern eliminates the fear of taxes and allows users to apply these techniques and principles in a more sophisticated way to create more wealth.


For those looking to make a larger impact on their taxes, enrollment to Tax-Free Formula, Wheelwright’s signature program for permanently reducing taxes and putting cash back in your pocket to build wealth fast, opens September 23. Enrollment to this exclusive course will be available for just seven days. For more information, visit


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WealthAbility® is a leading financial education company created by CPA, CEO, Author and Speaker Tom Wheelwright to revolutionize the way entrepreneurs, investors and CPAs manage wealth, global change and their business. The overall goal is to help clients “Make Way More Money and Pay Way Less Taxes.” To better serve clients, WealthAbility® provides a new platform of educational tools and global network of CPAs trusted by over 244,123 entrepreneurs and investors to reduce taxes and create wealth. Through these tools, WealthAbility® helps clients reduce taxes by 10-40%, increase confidence in clients’ personal ability to create wealth, and achieve financial dreams – much faster. In addition, the WealthAbility® Network for accounting professionals is educating CPAs and other accounting professionals to better serve clients and run more successful businesses.


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Tom Wheelwright is a CPA, CEO of WealthAbility®, Best-Selling Author of Tax-Free Wealth (Rich Dad Advisors Series), Speaker, Entrepreneur and Host of 2 popular podcasts: The WealthAbility® Show with Tom Wheelwright CPA and The WealthAbility® for CPAs Show. Wheelwright is the CPA for Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad) and speaks around the world with Robert to thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners and investors. Wheelwright is a Contributor to Entrepreneur magazine, and his work has been seen in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and on FOX and Friends, Marketplace / NPR, ABC News Radio and many other media.


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