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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could choose whether you worked or not? 
What would life look like if you could walk away from your business or career any time you wanted?


Chances are, even if you like what you do today, even if you have your dream job, you’ve given this idea some thought. “Yes, I love what I do. But what if I didn’t have to do it?”


Making work a choice requires a level of financial security that many people aspire to achieve but few reach. Why? Because they never learned how to create money. They might know how to go out and earn a big paycheck, but they don’t know how to put money to work for them.

What is a Wealth Strategy?

A wealth strategy is a plan of action for building wealth. It includes determining the return on investment you need to obtain to reach your goals and designing a plan for building assets that create both cash flow and equity. Creating a wealth strategy involves choosing the type of assets you will acquire, developing the criteria for acquiring these assets, and building a team that can help you acquire, manage, and dispose of the assets.


A comprehensive wealth strategy ensures that your financial legacy will continue, providing security for your family for generations. Wealth strategies change the lives of entrepreneurs and investors who want to feel like their businesses and investments work for THEM, instead of the other way around.

Who Needs a Wealth Strategy?

Everyone. Well, everyone who wants to enjoy the financial freedom that allows them to live life on their own terms and who wants to reduce their taxes through a corresponding tax strategy.

How To Create A Wealth Strategy


Taking ownership of your wealth strategy means gaining clarity around your goals and objectives. Pull out a journal and write a vivid description of your ultimate lifestyle. Where do you live? Who is with you? Where do you travel? How do you spend your time? Be as specific as possible about the life you dream of having.


There’s a great scene in Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice in Wonderland, where Alice asks the Cheshire Cat, “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”


The cat responds, “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”


Alice replies, “I don’t much care where.”


And the cat answers wisely, “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”
It's much the same with your wealth strategy. You need to know precisely what you want to achieve so that you can create a plan to get there. What is the precise cash flow you want to reach to live the life you desire? Once you know that, you're ready to build a plan to get there.


Many people trying to build wealth make the mistake of putting advisors in charge of their wealth strategy. Why is that a mistake? It's not the expert advice that's the problem. It's putting them in charge. The experts with whom you work should be your trusted advisors and guides, but YOU should be in charge.


A successful wealth strategy starts with you. You are the best person to control your money. Taking ownership of your wealth strategy is the best way for you to build massive wealth. You can evaluate others' recommendations, but you should understand and direct your investments, your tax strategies, and your wealth-building techniques.


As you begin to build your wealth strategy, you will face many options for investing your money and accumulating assets that deliver cash flow and build equity. The four main asset classes are business, real estate, equities, or other “paper” investments, and commodities, such as oil and gas or agriculture.


Your task in this step is to choose from among those asset classes where you’re going to specialize when it comes to building wealth. There is no right or wrong choice here. The key is to study the options and select an asset class that suits you and your personal situation and plays to your natural strengths. Then, drill down and get laser-focused. Learn all that you can about your chosen niche so that you become a subject matter expert in your chosen area.


Why is this important? This is how you’ll gain momentum in building wealth. If you stick with conservative investments, your money will grow slowly; a 3 percent growth rate will double your money every 24 years. But if you can achieve a 10 percent growth rate with your asset selection, your money will double in 7 years.


This is where you’re building your wealth, so take it seriously. You want to be investing in assets that generate positive cash flow. You want to be able to repeat the investment process repeatedly to scale your results. For example, suppose you've selected residential real estate as your chosen asset class. In that case, you want to create a formula for what types of properties you buy, where you buy them, and how you manage your properties. That way, you can repeat this process with predictably positive results.


What do taxes have to do with building wealth?


A lot, if you take the right approach.


A successful tax strategy is a plan of action designed to permanently reduce the amount of tax you pay, putting more dollars in your pocket to invest the way you choose. It is a paradigm shift that turns the tax code into a guide for building wealth. By taking a strategic approach to structuring your business entities, planning and documenting your deductions, utilizing your available tax brackets, and other factors that impact your tax obligations, many entrepreneurs can lower the amount of tax they pay by 10 to 40 percent.


Playing less taxes means more money and faster wealth building.

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Wealth strategies are built for the long haul, so there’s no need to create a new wealth strategy every year. However, like any aspect of your business or finances, a wealth strategy also isn't something you make one time and then stick in a drawer.


It is essential to review your wealth strategy regularly. In your review, you'll want to ask:

Where am I on the path to reaching my wealth vision?
Has my wealth vision changed since I created my strategy.
Do I understand all the components of my wealth strategy?
What is my cash flow? How is it changing over time?
How much equity have I built? What are my future projections?
How much tax am I paying? Does my tax strategy need attention?

After you've completed your review, you can make informed adjustments to your strategy to keep your wealth-building momentum moving in the right direction.

Tom Wheelwright, CPA

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